Welcome to the Artesia Chamber of Commerce

The Artesia Chamber of Commerce is comprised of businesses working together to make Artesia a better place to live, work and do business. It is a voice for the business community on local issues with committees hard at work meeting the needs of the business community and community at large. It is an organization committed to improving the economic climate and quality of life in Artesia.

Chartered in 1968, the Artesia Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the promotion of the Artesia Business Community as one of the best cities in which to do business. The Chamber is governed by an eleven-member volunteer Board of Directors with a paid Chief Executive Officer and one support staff person. The Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis to discuss current issues as well as future plans and goals for the Chamber.

Membership is made up of large and small retailers, professionals, service-oriented businesses, corporations, schools, churches and nonprofit organizations just to name a few.

Our Mission Statement

“To promote a thriving economic climate for all businesses and a better quality of life for all residents in the city of Artesia.”

We are a voluntary organization made up of businesses, civic members, and community leaders who strive to attain the mission through various events that include monthly luncheons and networking mixers, workshops and seminars, community wide events, and constant communication. In doing so, we foster better relations between government and business, create partnerships and provide opportunities for businesses to give back to the community.

Artesia got its name from the many naturally flowing Artesian wells in the area. This rural countryside, with its rich soil and abundant water supply, was ideal for farming. Artesians grew grapes, sugar beets, other vegetables and fruits. They raised poultry and were dairy farmers. Nurseries grew ferns and flowers.

In the 1920’s and 1930’s, Dutch and Portuguese experts in the dairy industry developed Artesia into one of the most important dairy districts in Southern California. After World War II, the land became valuable to developers who wanted to build homes. To meet this pressure, the City of Dairy Valley was incorporated in 1956. Dairy Valley later became the city of Cerritos. The demand for land became so great that the dairymen sold their dairies and moved their operations to the east in Chino and to Central California.

The City of Artesia was incorporated on May 29, 1959. The City motto is “Service Builds Tomorrow’s Progress.” The chrysanthemum is the city flower.